Why choose Awnings?

Awnings are ideally suited to the our rural lifestyle, whether you’re in Castlemaine, Kyneton, Daylesford or Bendigo. They can offer great protection from the morning and afternoon sun, as well as allowing you to enjoy outside entertaining areas for extended times of the year.

Awnings are the most effective option for slowing down the heat entering your home. It can often mean the difference of 4-5 degrees, and that’s before you start up the air-conditioning! They can also add value to your home as they can complement both the interior look and the outdoor style of your home.

Awnings provide a number of weather related benefits; protecting furniture from sun-exposure, allow windows to allow a draft through a house despite rainfall, protecting glare on TVs and Computers or simply protecting old style window frames made of wood.

Awnings have the ability to “freshen up” the look of your windows. If you have an old awning that is still working perfectly, but the fabric is dated or mouldy, a “re-skin” or “re-cover is an inexpensive way to give it a new lease of life. An awning recover is often a third to a half of the price of a new one.

Luxaflex Awnings – Because they’re value for money

There’s a few things to be looking for when choosing awnings and it’s best to remember that not all awnings are created equal. We get asked why we sell Luxaflex awnings when many others cost far less and the reason is that not only are they the #1 sold Window Fashions brand in Australia (and Castlemaine), they’re also the ones that provide the best value for money.

  • They’re durable so they last longer and come with a strong manufacturer’s warranty,
  • They continue to hold their look and remain stylish which keeps the value of the home for longer,
  • They are virtually maintenance free so less ongoing costs,
  • Locally manufactured so they save you time and money and can be custom installed, and
  • We know they last because we’ve been selling them for decades.

Our team wouldn’t recommend anything we wouldn’t put in our own homes. That’s why we choose Luxaflex Awnings when your home needs awnings.

Ventura Awning

The LUXAFLEX® Ventura Awning is a more affordable folding arm awning system with no hood as standard, ideal for fitting under an eave.

The Ventura Folding Arm Awning offers the very best in open style awning. Utilising simple square bar installation, the Ventura awning is extremely versatile and with a wide range of accessories, this model can be customised for most situations. The variable valance option also allows the user to control the height for the retractable valance for additional privacy or shade control.

The Ventura can withstand substantial wind forces when using the optional telescopic wind protect system, which secures the front rail to posts. Our Ventura Terrace model has been designed specifically for narrow terraces or apartment buildings. This narrow awning comes with a long projection, as the arms on the system offset one above the other.

Like other Luxaflex folding arm awnings, the Ventura Terrace is engineered to handle harsh environmental conditions while providing sun and UV protection, reducing the need for air conditioning and the costs associated with cooling the home. It is made from hardened aluminium components designed specifically to provide strength and durability.

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Como Full-Cassette

The Como Full-Cassette Awning is marked by a simple, non-obtrusive, rounded rectangle design, representing the top level of folding arm awning luxury. At full retraction all hardware and fabric is concealed inside the casement making for a tidy, minimal look, fit for almost any decor style.

The Luxaflex® Como awning provides complete fabric and hardware enclosure when retracted. It offers the ideal solution for sun protection over expansive areas, such as courtyards, patios and large verandas.

Designed with a sleek and unobtrusive appearance with no posts or beams which integrates with any exterior facade to transform your outdoor living area. It also comes with optional heating and lighting on all folding arm awning models.

It is made from hardened aluminium components designed specifically to provide strength and durability.

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Garda Semi-Cassette

Designed in a beautiful oval shape, this awning is perfect for modern architectural design curves. Featuring a range of accessories, it’s easy to upgrade the Garda folding arm awning for maximum functionality.

An ideal solution for sun protection over expansive areas, making the Luxaflex Garda Awning ideal for courtyards, patios and large verandas.

Like other Luxaflex folding arm awnings, the Garda Semi-Cassette Awning is engineered to handle harsh environmental conditions while providing sun and UV protection, reducing the need for air conditioning and the costs associated with cooling the home. It is made from hardened aluminium components designed specifically to provide strength and durability.

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Evo Awnings

The Australian designed Luxaflex® Evo Awning Range represents the latest in design, styling and functionality providing glare and UV protection, without obstructing the view. With a full suite of awning styles including: Cable Guide, Side Tension Channel (STC), Channel, Straight Drop and Pivot Arm awnings the Luxaflex® Evo awning range offers an appealing aesthetic across all products and a solution for all needs.

With an Evo Awning, you can save up to 60%1 on your cooling costs*.

Up to 88%2 of a home’s heat gain in summer is through the windows and heating/cooling appliances use 41%3 of household energy. Therefore, there are substantial long term savings to be made by the effective use of awnings, such as the Luxaflex Evo Awning.

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Sunrain Awnings

The first in the Contemporary Series of Awnings, the LUXAFLEX® SUNRAIN®1 Awning provides protection from the rain or the harsh sun and lets you entertain outdoors all-year-round.

Specially designed for the extreme weather conditions often experienced throughout Castlemaine and Victoria, its unique double pitch design allows rain water to run off the waterproof PVC fabric and drain out both sides of the custom drainage front rail.

The unique Middle Stringer braces the arm at the flexing point providing extra strength and stability when the awning is fully extended while the custom middle stringer offers a double benefit: extra support for the arms, giving the awning strength in windy conditions whilst keeping the fabric pushed up and taught to maintain water proofing.

To ensure that your new Sunrain awning fits the style and colours of your home, there’s a wide range of waterproof fabrics to choose from. With 20 modern fabric colours, a variable valance available in 10 colours as well as 12 custom powder coating colours and 3 standard colours, it’s very simple to ensure your awning is completely coordinated to your home.

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Classic Awnings

Luxaflex also offer a large range of classic external awnings such as the Auto Lock Arm, Pivot Arm, Fixed guide and Straight Drop awnings. These awnings can be manufactured with canvas, acrylic, sunscreen or clear PVC fabric, to meet all your awning needs.

Pivot Arm awnings actually pivot out from the window, so you do have a bit of space between the awning and the window. Automatic Lock Arm Awning are less automatic, but actually fold away easily (automatically) and are ideal for ground floor locations where you can pull them down and fold them away by standing next to them. Folding Arm Awnings extend your outside entertaining area all year round, without the cost of a builder! A folding arm awning arms extend horizontally so you can sit underneath.

These classic styles are made with the highest quality products that only the #1 manufacturer in Australia uses to ensure long lasting solutions. Nearly all of these options can be motorised to add more convenience to their operation.

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