Regular Maintenance needs expert understanding

The Robinsons Castlemaine team are certified maintenance experts. This means you can be sure that not only will you get a service that’s value for money, you will get the right service and advice on what to do with your existing Blinds, Awnings, Shutters and Shades or on your heating and cooling appliances.

Maintenance on Heating and Cooling appliances

It is recommended that heaters and air-conditioners be serviced annually to ensure that the products operate safely, efficiently and in line with manufacturer’s specifications and warranty. We find this also helps to extend their life expectancy.

Please note: While regular cleaning helps, an annual maintenance inspection should only ever be attempted by a certified professional.

We offer maintenance of the following Heating and Cooling Systems:

Gas Log fireplaces, Wood Heaters, Wood Stoves Ducted Heating systems, Hydronic Heating (radiators), Split systems, Hot Water services, Evaporative cooling,

Maintenance on Blinds, Awnings, Shades, Curtains, Drapes and Shutters

Most of these products last well if cleaned regularly, whether by washing the curtain and drape materials via a washing machine or dry clean, or with a soft wipe or clean for any dirty Blinds, Awnings, Shades or Shutters. We can offer solutions for cleaning on almost every product available.

However, if you find visible damages, Robinsons Castlemaine can repair them for you. The Robinsons Castlemaine team make sure that they provide a fast, reliable and friendly service to all of our clients.

We offer maintenance on the following Window Treatment products:

Blinds, Awnings, Shades, Shutters, Curtains, Drapes, Motorisation options

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*Please note that servicing of any products does not include repair work. Repairs are billed separately or may have to be referred back to the manufacturer.

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