Building Plans

Working with Architects, Developers and Builders on Building Plans

We’ve worked with a variety of Architects, Building Developers, Builders or Interior Designers to help provide advice on the right products to use to make the most of their Building Plans and bring them to life.

We can also liaise directly with the homeowner to confirm products and services required to take that pressure of the builder and allow them to focus on the construction of the home or renovation. We’re not looking to change a design, just to help make it work and let the builder focus on what they do best – building a beautiful home.

Working directly with Homeowners directly off a Building Plan

Sometimes we get called by the homeowner to provide quotes based off a Building Plan. Our focus is usually on the types of benefits the home owner is looking for – ranging from energy efficiency, indoor/outdoor flow or home automation – and working out how to make these happen for your heating, cooling or window treatment requirements.

We can liaise with builders and architects on your behalf if you need an independent consult on how to deliver the home you want.

Can we provide you with a quote ‘off the plan’?

We certainly can – but we do advise our clients that it’s better for you, and more preferable for us, to consult with you personally ‘in your home’. Not only will this ensure that measurements and quoted prices are as accurate as possible, it will also give you the benefit of gaining more insight into our range – from one of our interior and exterior design experts.

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