Wood Stoves

The best in Wood Stoves from around Australia for Castlemaine

Wood Stoves are a traditional staple for most rural homes across Victoria. After a couple of decades where their popularity waned, wood stove sales continue to grow steadily and generally reflect the Castlemaine’s community use of natural resources. Like Wood Heaters, the cost of gas and electricity plays a role in choosing a wood stove. Ultimately though, we all know that there is nothing quite like the warmth and feel of a wood fire on a cold winter’s evening.

Wood Stoves with Cleaner burning technology

Wood stoves have evolved (like most heating products) with technology and Wood stoves are no different. We have models that provide cleaner burning options that also improve energy efficiency and output, making the home not only safer but nicer to be in.

Which is the best Wood Stove for me?

The best wood stove for you depends on your situation, requirements and preferences. You need to consider whether you are wanting a more functional product or stylish product. Is it for cooking, is it for heating a room, is it for a key room that has specific conditions or materials that need to be carefully looked after? We’ve the experience to not only recommend wood stoves, but also the experience to suggest a better product or style that best suits your needs.

Rayburn Wood Stoves

Rayburn wood stoves offer the three key things every one of our client’s want – flexibility (to fit your room and style), performance and economy.

The timeless appeal of a Rayburn stove is epitomised by its beautiful enamelled exterior, classic style and efficient cooking ability. A Rayburn wood stove is guaranteed to transform your kitchen into a warm and welcoming focal point.

We recommend Rayburn as most clients enjoy low running costs through this efficient and economical method of cooking and heating your home. Rayburn wood stoves can be connected to heat your domestic hot water and hydronic heating systems.

Thermalux Stoves (Slow Combustion)

Spoil yourself with delicious home cooking and the wonderful warm atmosphere provided by a Thermalux slow combustion stove.

All Thermalux stoved are hand crafted right here in Australia by master tradesmen to ensure quality and perfection every time.

Thermalux Stoves are proudly Australian made.

To further support a self-sustaining home, they can also fit a 5kw domestic hot water jacket to supply household water for general use hot water use or even a hydronic boiler to supply up to 20kw of hydronic water for radiators of underfloor heating systems.

A number of our clients use Wise Living systems and are really happy with the quality, service and dependability of their wood stoves.

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