Wood Heaters

The best in Wood Heaters from around Australia for Castlemaine

Wood fired heating is growing in popularity all over the world. In Australia, wood heater sales continue to grow steadily and generally reflect the Castlemaine’s community use of natural resources. While the cost of gas and electricity plays a role, we all know that there is nothing quite like the warmth and feel of a wood fire on a cold winter’s evening.

The best wood heater for you depends on your situation, requirements and preferences. They come in both freestanding and inbuilt options. An inbuilt unit can be for an existing fireplace or for a new construction.

Ducted heating or reverse cycle air conditioners may give “flick of the switch” convenience, but they cannot replicate the simple pleasure of sitting beside, or standing before, a wood fire.

Coonara Wood Heaters

The market leader in Australia and an iconic name in wood heating, Coonara remains a strong option for any of our clients considering a wood heater for their home or office.

With benefits that aim for convenience, ease of use, easy maintenance and warmth for any home, they are a great solution for a cold home. With a patented design, 3 speed fan, self-cleaning glass and a one touch easy and effective temperature control system

All Coonara wood heaters come with a 10 year firebox warranty. The Coonara wood heating range comes in 7 freestanding models which can heat from 10 squares up to 30 squares of spacious living and 3 inbuilt models that fit directly into brick fireplaces or a created fireplace using our zero clearance system to help either minimise floor space loss or to simply accentuate the visual appeal of an indoor fire.

As you would expect, Robinsons Castlemaine have all makes and models available for you to choose from.

Arrow Wood Heaters

Arrow wood heaters are unique, that they are one of the only heaters on the market still offering an ashpan. The fully welded steel plate firebox is fitted with performance enhancing cast iron liners for greater heat retention in the firebox and transfer of heated air into the home. Arrow wood heaters have a 3-way air induction system to the firebox that provides for a complete burn of the fuel for the most heat output. The 3-way air system also improves combustion even when the fuel is less than ideal.

For local ‘Castlemaine’ homes, we recommend Arrow Wood Heaters if our client wants an ashpan or they are replacing an old Coonara or Arrow wood heater that has an ashpan.

The heater comes in a range of colours. The heaters can also be ordered with other stainless steel or gold door trim. All Arrow wood heaters come with a 10 year firebox warranty and come in a variety of sizes and colours. We have all the Arrow makes and models available for you to choose from at Robinsons Castlemaine.

HeatCharm Wood Heaters

When you want a wood heater with a difference then HeatCharm Wood heaters are the ones to choose. With wood heaters that display the most amazing views & combines the latest innovations in slow combustion heating with an elegant timeless design, HeatCharm wood heaters are the automatic choice if you are looking for a new wood heater with a difference. We know this as Robinsons have been selling HeatCharm for over 30 years.

We love offering Heat Charm wood heaters as they have a wide range of elegant designs and are efficient at wood heating large rooms. We really like the slow combustion heating models to help the fire (and warmth) last longer than other products.

The HeatCharm range of wood heaters can provide you with efficient wood heating for areas up to 30 sqm. They are available in a range of stylish colours (including reds and greens as well as the traditional black and brown) as freestanding and inbuilt heaters. HeatCharm wood heaters are beautifully engineered and will set your senses soaring.

HeatCharm is perfect for Victorian homes, we offer a full Victorian kit that is specifically made with its own cast iron fascia and timber mantle. These heaters can also be ‘cut down’ in fascia width to suit smaller openings, or to fit into an existing timber mantle.

Jindara Wood Heaters

For many years Jindara has been the choice of heating for many households in Australia. While all the heaters we sell are Australian made, we sell the Jindara brand based on its history of quality, strength and all round performance for our client’s homes.

Jindara Wood heaters conform to the strict Australian emission levels while maintaining strong heat output and models that deliver long burn periods per fuel load.

While we offer their standard Wood heaters ranges – the Outback & Paramount Ranges – the latest series is called the ‘Platinum series’. The ‘Platinum’ provides high output efficiency with low emissions and lower energy costs with a full glass fronted door for fire viewing. It is easy to install, has cast iron firebox liners (for heat retention) and a dual action latching mechanism for safety.

Regency Wood Heaters

Regency Wood Heaters are the perfect combination of high technology engineering and classic design. All Regency Wood Heaters offer wide view doors for an unparalleled view of the beautiful real wood fire while providing excellent technical expertise.

Available in both Freestanding and Inbuilt models, Regency create quality wood heaters that will add real value to your home by creating a memorable space in your home as much as creating an energy efficient solution to heating your home.

Morso Wood Heaters

For a timeless look that accentuates the beauty of cast iron, Morso Wood Heaters are the choice for a classic traditional home.

While many will choose Morso for the design and look, the reason why Robinsons love Morso Wood heaters is because they are durable and last for many years. We know that those who love Cast iron heaters love the comfort and style they bring – whether it’s the warm glow that fills a living room or the trusted way it heats up a room on a cold country evening.

With Morso, it’s an acquired taste handed down by a generation of past clients.

Stovax Wood Heaters

Stovax Wood heaters focus is on contemporary living. With a focus on continual product development over the past 30 years, we believe the range offers superb heating efficiency and innovative design features to provide both the visual style you’re looking for in your home and the functionality required for any modern home.

The range come in 3 sizes with different frame options available, with the key being the correct measurement of the room it will feature in and the heat output required to effectively and efficiently keep the room warm during winter. From there we’d select the right frame style for your home and we also can offer freestanding wood heater options so that you’re comfortable you’re getting the best option for your home.

Masport Wood Heaters

For a timeless look that adds a sense of style an traditional class to traditional homes, Masport Wood Heaters are a great choice for any traditional home.

Our clients who have Masport have found it to be durable and timeless in it’s beauty. Here at Robinsons, we know that those who love Cast iron heaters love the comfort and style they bring – whether it’s the warm glow that fills a living room or the trusted way it heats up a room on a cold country evening.

Masport Wood Heaters are just one of our great range to suit a home looking for comfort, style and grace.

Osburn Wood Heaters

Osburn Wood Heaters offer a significantly more modern look to both new and renovated homes looking for a wood heater solution.

Available in both Freestanding and Inbuilt models, a range of design styles and options, Osburn Wood Heaters add real value to your home by creating a memorable space in your home and adding modern sophistication to the look of your home. More importantly, they provide an energy efficient solution to heating your home.

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