Hydronic Heating (Radiators)

Hydronic Heating is making a comeback – safer and more efficient

Radiators, back in the days, were dangerous and for our region not the best option at all. But they are making a comeback and are a good option for certain homes.

They are hugely popular in hospitals and starting to become more popular recently for homes with the key selling point being their high energy efficiency. They’re also draught free, dust free and silent. The downside is they take longer to install but over the long term can make more sense.

Hydronic heating is considered to be one of the most pleasant and natural ways to heat your home. They operate through recirculating water from a boiler into radiators, skirting board convectors, under floor pipes, etc. and are powered by natural gas, LPG or solid fuel. They are safe to touch, don’t create dust, silent and are one of the most reliable heat sources.

Why choose Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating provides warmth in the same way nature does by natural convection and radiation. It does not dry out the air by burning or cause unpleasant draughts, hot spots or noise. They have a number of advantages that make for a compelling case as to why you should choose a Hydronic Heater for your home or office.

Efficiency – Save on your energy bills

Hydronic heating is the one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.

No Dust – No allergies

Dust and allergens are a big drawback with ducted heating systems, hydronic heating works on natural radiant heat and convection where there is no forced air circulation, meaning no dust and no allergies.

Safe to touch

All radiator panels are safe to touch with mild temperatures of water, safe for children, the elderly and household pets.


One characteristic of Hydronic Heating that is a clear advantage over many other forms of heating is the fact that it is silent. No noisy space heaters or wall heaters with the constant blowing of air, hydronic heating heats your home in peace and quiet.


Hydronic Heating is effortless and reliable; simply set the thermostat upon installation and forget about it. Maintenance is seldom required; the only working parts are the hot water boiler and the pump kit. High quality manufacturing with long term warranties ensure your system will provide reliable heat for many years to come.

Hurlcon Hydronic Heaters

Hurlcon is the best Hydronic Heating system we offer as it’s simply the best one we’ve found in Australia. It’s been great for a variety of different homes across Castlemaine and provides a valuable central heating option to any home.

Hydronic Heating provides warmth via natural convection and radiation. It doesn’t dry out the air and there are no noisy fans interrupting the comfort of your living room, bedroom or lounge area. Obviously there are energy efficiency benefits which helps to keep energy costs down, but the best benefit is the Hurlcon have consistently delivered the best results for Australian homes and our client’s homes

For total peace of mind, Hurlcon Hydronic Heating system will give many years of reliable and economical service while providing a warm and comfortable space for any family to enjoy.

Wood Fired Boilers

From Rayburn to Stanley to Thermalux, we carry quite a large range of options for clients who want a wood fired boiler to attach to their Hydronic heating system.

Rayburn and Stanley heaters offer the three key things every one of our client’s want – flexibility (to fit your room and style), performance and economy.

With a range of styles to choose from, you find both classically styled heaters as well as a range of modern and efficient products that can transform your kitchen into a warm and welcoming focal point.

Wise Living manufactures Thermalux and imports a variety of wood stoves for our clients in rural Victoria. They have a selection of inbuilt, high capacity wood fired heaters that can come as either a Single Sided heater or a Double Sided heater with both versions able to have an optional slide up door, to give the look and charm of a genuine open fire. Most of these units have the ability to heat water for hydronic heating from 15kw right up to 50kw.

These are best used when natural gas is not available.

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